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The Hotel Lolland Song


Every year Hotel Lolland is visited by a group from Kårsdraget in Stockholm. Kårsdraget is the student and showband of Stockholm university. […]

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A beautiful gift


[thumbnails_gallery images_from_media_library="karen, boller-begrav, prcelaen"] Friday. 12/12/14 we were honoured by the visit of Karen Margrethe Poulsen's family and friends. Karen Margrethe was buried that same day from Østofte church and was followed by many friends and a large family. The day before, Ingrid Albrektsen had prepared the event and baked buns for 150 guests. These were served with cold cuts [...]

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Aviation history


[thumbnails_gallery images_from_media_library="fly1, fly2"] The red is probably Boeing 377 Stratocruiser (B-29), which is considered to mark the beginning of airplane models suitable for commercial flights. It took 81 passengers and was the first who flew "non stop" from New York to London. The model is so well made that you can take op the wheels with a single click. The [...]

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