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The red is probably Boeing 377 Stratocruiser (B-29), which is considered to mark the beginning of airplane models suitable for commercial flights. It took 81 passengers and was the first who flew “non stop” from New York to London. The model is so well made that you can take op the wheels with a single click.

The second plane could be the Danish SAI KZ-2. It first went to air in late 1937, while danes still built airplanes, ships and trains. The person building the model has understood the changing times and had insight in a technology that would change all transport of the future. He has also written his own registration number on the wings, YMA. I do not know if there ever was a danish airplane with the registration number (OY-YMA) or whether he has created it for himself.

Both aircrafts have now joined a number of others in the stairway at Hotel Lolland.