Maribo Cathedral was originally a birgitinsk abbey donated by Queen Margrethe I to the manor Grimstrup to found a monastery. The building of the Cathedral was though first started after the queens death.
The construction of the nave stretched over much of the 1400s, and took place in two stages. By the Reformation in 1536 the great catholic monastery was terminated and the church became the church of the Protestant virgin Foundation, which was established in the former convent buildings.

In 1596 the old Maribo´s town church burned down and the former abbey church therefore became the church of Maribo town and a Cathedral in 1803.

Leonora Christine, the kings daughter and one of Denmarks most famous prisoners lived in the old monastery south of the Cathedral from 1685 to 1698 and you can see her tomb inside the Cathedral.

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Maribo Cathedral is within a walking distance from Hostel Hostel Maribo and it’s free to visit the church. It only takes 5 min. to drive to Maribo from Hotel Lolland.