Late 2007 I stumbled upon a house for sale by Lolland Municipality. The house had for decades served as a nursing home for older people and was situated in the small village of Nørreballe.

The house, which was built in 1943, had for over 60 years been the haven for many wonderful people, enjoying the autumn of their life. When the house no longer served it original purpose, it was cleared and put up for sale.

When I became the owner of the house, I started wit a comprehensive renovation of the building. I have worked as a professional set and graphic designer and I felt a great pleasure when I was working on creating a mood and atmosphere which gives the house both character and charm while still taking care of the good old spirit and the feeling I first felt when I came into the house. I feel that my personal engagement in the daily operation is a part of preserving a good soul and spirit in the house. And I have selected every piece to fit the frame and welcome the guests. The beds in the hotel are custom-made, but almost everything else is purchased at various flea markets in Denmark.

I had an idea to create a cozy family hotel where the house and it´s history is preserved and where Danish interior and Danish ingredients are the main focus. The idea is now a reality and I and my staff welcome guests all year round with a warm heart and an open mind.

We all look forward to welcoming you!