The idea for the DODEKALITTEN arose when the composer Gunner Møller Pedersen in 2006 saw the sculptor Thomas Kadziolas Land Art project “Anemarken” at Søllestedgård in Lolland.
Together, the two artists matured thoughts and ideas about their new work of art, and as a background for the project, Gunner Møller Pedersen wrote the legend about Lolernes history and about the DODEKALITTEN on Lolland.

Legends and songs about the LOLERNE, a people who long ago came to the country and gave it their name, form the basis of a highly contemporary tale of cooperation between different arts and the local community. The work shows us Lolernes and hence our background for a democratic society, whose form is consultation, where the community is expressed in song, and where awareness of the past is expressed as respect for the ancestors who originally came from afar, from the country to the south, where the waters rose. 7,500 years ago and sent Lolene on a journey. Some of them settled on the island we now call Lolland, and there is evidence of the rich culture they left everywhere they settled. More than 70 burial mounds have been preserved on the coastline from Ravnsholt to Ravnsby, several of which are giantic graves.

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