Hotel Rules
These are the hotel’s general rules, and as they may vary depending on the room type, please also read the room description. The rooms are different, and the images show a selection, only. This means that the room you check into is not necessarily the one on the photo, but certainly in the booked category and quality.

after 3.00 pm Departure; latest 10.00 am

If cancelled 24 hours before arrival, it will be free of charge. lf cancelled on the day of arrival, there will be charged a fee equal to the price of the room.

We have a special room where you can have pets. This must be booked beforehand or requested upon arrival. Pets may only stay in the room.

Food and Drink:
Breakfast is served from 6.00 till 9.30 am (weekends 8-9.30 am). Dinner is served on request from 6.00 till 8.00 pm. Own food and drink is not allowed in the hotel’s common areas. Please use the red tables and benches in the backyard. You can order drinks between 3.00pm and 10.00 pm. Just contact the staff, or ring the bell at the reception.

Cash or credit card upon arrival, or through our credit card payment service on our booking sites. All foreign cards accepted with service fee of 4%.

Keys are given personally to residents only, and may not be handed over to others.

According to Danish law, smoking is not permitted indoors at Hotel Lolland and this smoking ban also applies to outdoor stairways incl. the common balcony on 1st floor. Guests are allowed to smoke outdoors on the terrace as per the signs displayed. Breaching the above will result in an extra charge of DKK 1,000.00 for cleaning of the room. If smoking on the premises results in activation of the fire alarm and/or the fire brigade, a fee of minimum DKK 6,000.00 will be charged.

Other Practical Information:
The windows must be closed when leaving the room and keep the windows closed when raining. Turn off the radiator when the windows are opened. If you forget to close them, we reserve the right to enter the room and close them. Our guests are expected to show respect to other guests and after 10.00 pm the corridors must be quiet. The last person to leave the common rooms shall ensure that the windows are closed and the light is turned off.
Eating and drinking in the rooms is not allowed.

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to use the elevator unless accompanied by adults.

If required, food can be ordered and delivered to the apartment/suite before arrival. When cooking, please use the ventilation.

Contact in the Evening and at Night:
if you need any assistance, please ring the bell at the desk or call + (45) 2139 572
The front door must be kept locked after 10.00 pm.
It is locked by moving the handle upwards and turning the lock. If the door is locked on your return to the hotel, please ring the bell or call the number on the door.

Baldvin Bjornsson, your host