The word “hygge” means a special way to experience socializing.
“Hygge” depends on who you are with, also where you are and how the surroundings helps to create “hygge”.

The purpose of Hotel Lolland’s from the very beginning has been to create the right atmosphere for experiencing “hygge”. The unique atmosphere of the hotel plays a big part in this, where the spirit from a lost time flows from the hotel’s “scenography” in the form of decor and nips. Candles, the heat from the stove and the right furniture, everything becomes a natural part of the ambiance. The enjoyment of good food, wine and a unique personal service also helps. All this and more to ensure the right “enjoyment” and create wonderful memories of a wonderful stay in a time capsule that is not found elsewhere.

35% of our guest are returning year after year. It is especially warming to greet the children who have been coming back from the time they were small and can´t understand why we don´t recognize them immediately.