There are no limits for where our guests come from or how they arrive. Most people travel in their own cars, motorbikes or cycle. Then there are those who come in expensive cars like limousines or some guests have built their own vehicles. Some even come flying in because Lolland Falster Airport is in the neighborhood.

Guests are different and the rooms and the apartments are also different to meet the different needs. It is therefore easy for our guests to choose what is needed. Most rooms have their own theme, every room is unique in decor.

The cozy, “King Christian X living room” is a nice place to relax and enjoy some refreshments or just have a chat with the other guests.
Breakfast is served in the dining room and we do it otherwise than most hotels. Instead of the buffet the breakfast is laid on the table for each room. Ready at the time requested time with tea or coffee. You dont have to stand up and get what you like for breakfast. Just sit down and enjoy it.

The hotel is surrounded by a large garden where children can play ball, jump in the trampoline or cycle on the hotel’s three-wheel bikes while the adults enjoy life in the soft armchairs on the terrace or relax in the pavilion.