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Friday. 12/12/14 we were honoured by the visit of Karen Margrethe Poulsen’s family and friends. Karen Margrethe was buried that same day from Østofte church and was followed by many friends and a large family.

The day before, Ingrid Albrektsen had prepared the event and baked buns for 150 guests. These were served with cold cuts in the company of coffee and vanilla wreaths.

But the history is not finished because some days later, Lilian Baltzer, the daughter of Karen Margrethe came to visit. She had decided to give her mothers china to Hotel Lolland, because it fitted so well with the atmosphere and the interior of the hotel. We are greatly honouredred and thank Liliand and the family of all our heart for this special and beautiful gift which we will take good care of and appreciate highly.